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Co Q10 Softgel

This product is made from coenzyme Q10, natural vitamin E, soybean oil, beewax, gelatin, glycerin, purified water and so on. Based on the result of human body test, the product can Increase immunity.


Efficacy ingredients and content: Each capsule contains: Co Q10 500mg

[Health caring functions] Increase immunity.

[Suitable persons] Persons with low immunity.

[Unsuitable persons] Children, pregnant and breast-feeding, allergic people.

[Usage and Dosage] 2 capsules per time, twice per day.

[Notice] This product cannot be used to replace any drug. This product has added nutrients, and it should not be used in combination with similar nutrients. The person should consult a doctor when taking this product.

  • GMP Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
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