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HRD company is a Vegetable Extracts Supplier which specialized in various vegetables and friuts extract powder,Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin B, vitamin A and folic acid, selenium, iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements. Fruits and vegetables have a variety of essential amino acids.

What is Fruit and Vegetable Powder?

Fruit and Vegetable Powder is raw (crude or prepared) fruit or vegetable that are ground or pulverized into a powder. They may be single products or formulas (combinations of fruit and vle). They are not extracted or cooked.


1,Health Supplement,Nutritional supplements. 2,Capsule, Softgel, Tablet and subcontract.

3,Beverages, Solid Beverages, Food Additives.

The serial products of HRD Vegetable Extracts Supplier with carefully chosen pollution-free fresh vegetable as raw materials, which were then made by careful cleaning, pre-treating, squeezing, pulping, spray drying or vacuum freeze drying.

Those processes thoroughly avoid the shortages of rough taste, high nutrition loss during the processing, great disparities of color, aroma and taste, too much waste and high-level microbes during the traditional process.

Superfine grinding technology has been put into use in parts of the products, which has observably improved some physical properties of garden stuff powder such as dispersity, water-solubility, adsorbability, affinity and so on.

At the same time, they are endowed with better taste as well as easier digestion and absorption. And they are also the ideal mate of functional food, pasta products, puffed food, meat products, solid beverages, dairy products, infant food, condiments, confectioneries, baked products, instant food and other products by fully using the dietary fiber in garden stuff.

HRD is a professional Vegetable Extracts Supplier and all of products can be customized. Welcome to contact us when you free.

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