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What Are The Benefits of Sea Buckthorn Fruit For Women?

Feb. 24, 2021

Women are delicate and need more care. At the same time, due to the relatively high pressure of life and work of modern women, they are usually busy with work and neglect their health at home, which has caused many people to have various cold hands and feet. So it is particularly important to keep a cup of hot original seabuckthorn young leaf tea at the desk. Let me tell you about the effects of Sea Buckthorn on women.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Normal Juice

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Normal Juice

Fend off the cold and keep warm

The chlorogenic acid contained in sea buckthorn tea can increase bile secretion and enhance capillary function. Seabuckthorn tea has a good effect on alleviating cold hands and feet and poor blood circulation in women.


The flavonoids in seabuckthorn berries can scavenge harmful superoxide free radicals. Rutin and chlorogenic acid can enhance the permeability of capillaries, strengthen the absorption capacity of human tissues for oxygen, and improve blood circulation, thereby delaying aging and maintaining youth.

Weight loss and beauty

Seabuckthorn leaf flavonoids in seabuckthorn tea can promote blood circulation and metabolism, control fat synthesis in fat metabolism, inhibit the increase in serum total cholesterol, triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins of high-fat animals, and effectively play a role in weight loss. The SOD in sea buckthorn leaves has a super anti-oxidant effect, promotes the discharge of toxins, and has a good beauty effect.


Due to the joint action of flavonols and chlorogenic acid, it accelerates blood circulation and removes coldness in the body. Seabuckthorn tea has a good effect of relieving dysmenorrhea, and has been widely praised by female compatriots. Sea buckthorn dried fruit has high vitamin content, rich active substances, and high oil content in seeds and pulp, commonly known as "oil sea buckthorn".

Dried Sea-Buckthorn Fruits can be used for direct consumption, tea, wine, soup, etc. Long-term consumption will have unexpected harvests.

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