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The Cardiovascular Adjustment Process of Sea Buckthorn

Dec. 10, 2021

Sea buckthorn is a valuable plant that possesses great medical value, especially in the improvement of cardiovascular diseases. Coronary artery is the aorta that nourishes the heart. The main reason for the formation of atherosclerosis is that the blood is sticky and there is too much waste in the blood, and the turbid blood runs in the blood for a long time, and the waste in the blood is deposited on the walls of the blood vessels over time, which forms atherosclerosis. This leads to a series of cardiovascular diseases. Let's see how it works.

Sea buckthorn contains sea buckthorn flavonoids, EPA, DHA, shiitake mushroom extract lecithin winter melon extract, etc. can quickly remove the blood waste and emulsify it. 200 kinds of bioactive substances in the punch can increase the content of high-density lipoprotein, which has the role of carrying low-density lipoprotein cholesterol transported to the liver and processed by the liver.

The Cardiovascular Adjustment Process of Sea Buckthorn

The malic acid, oxalic acid, amino acid, VE, VC, and it can repair the liver cells and restore the liver function, and it can deal with the waste in the blood well and discharge the waste into the kidney, and the sea buckthorn flavonoids can activate the kidney cells and restore the kidney function, so that the waste in the blood can be discharged completely. 

The large amount of organic acids, amino acids, cellulose and bioactive ingredients contained in sea buckthorn plant speed up the detoxification of the intestine and also speed up the discharge of blood waste such as cholesterol and triglyceride in the blood. 

A variety of phenolic compounds in sea buckthorn plant inhibit platelet agglutination, thus reducing the chance of atherosclerosis formation, thus preventing atherosclerosis and avoiding coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases. 

Rapidly opens up microcirculation. It can quickly regulate humoral immunity and cellular immunity, and improve the body's ability to resist diseases. Microcirculation is the second life of human being. When microcirculation is opened, the organism can restore its normal metabolism in time, and the organs, tissues and cells can be replenished with nutrients and toxins can be discharged in time.

The amino acids, organic acids and vitamins in sea buckthorn plant can promote the synthesis of pepsin and secretion of gastric acid, thus promoting the peristalsis of stomach and intestines, speeding up the discharge of toxins and the metabolism of the body, and increasing the appetite of people.

The Cardiovascular Adjustment Process of Sea Buckthorn

Beta-carotene and other vitamins have strong antioxidant effects, and high concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin E can prevent lipid peroxidation, avoiding cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Damaged brain tissue can be repaired to gradually restore your healthy brain.

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