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Sea Buckthorn and Its Developing History

Mar. 21, 2022

Because of its precious qualities, sea buckthorn has been widely used in Asian folk medicine for thousands of years. Sea buckthorn has also been widely studied and used in Russia.

The pamphlets of Tibetan monks are among the oldest written sources that mention sea buckthorn. However, the most active period for the identification of sea buckthorn fruit was about 200 years during the military expedition of Alexander the Great. Exhausted warriors observed that horses ate fruits that resembled berries from several unknown trees. The warriors also tried. After a few days, both warriors and horses regained their strength. Since then, the plant has been called hippophae in Latin, and when translated, it means "horse of light".

Sea Buckthorn and Its Developing History

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Genghis Khan led his unstoppable army across Asia. The warlord is said to have had a nutritional trick up his sleeve - a simple sour berry called sea buckthorn. 

Russian cosmonauts used sea buckthorn to protect themselves from radiation, and it was widely used to treat frostbite, among other things. Finland extracted a very popular alcoholic drink from the berries, and the juice is used throughout Europe and Asia. It is also used in baby food.

The medicinal properties of sea buckthorn have been used by European and Asian cultures for centuries. Its medicinal value has been documented in Tibetan medical texts as early as the eighth century AD. The use of sea buckthorn in traditional Chinese medicine also dates back centuries. Today, "sea buckthorn" has become a major resource in China, with the existence of three sea buckthorn organizations and the sponsorship of the journal "Sea Buckthorn", published since 1988. Because of the rich medicinal history of sea buckthorn, scientists have conducted extensive research over the past few decades. The medicinal components of sea buckthorn berries have been studied.

Sea Buckthorn and Its Developing History

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Chinese athletes at the Beijing Olympics rely on beverages made from the berries to enhance their strength, stamina and overall health during competition. 

Sea buckthorn has been found in centuries-old medical texts in Tibet and China. It has been used to treat coughs, digestive problems, skin problems, wounds and burns, and in some cases, even cancer. More recently, science has begun to discover its very dense nutritional content.

Aging and the diseases associated with it, such as heart disease and cancer, are linked to an excess of active molecules caused by antioxidants. Antioxidants are substances that reduce oxidation. A healthy person is endowed with a strong oxidative system - the organism itself is programmed to neutralize and destroy harmful substances. However, it becomes weaker as years pass; it is also caused by compulsive and constant stress, addiction, use of stimulants, irrational sunbathing, environmental pollution, disease, constant inflammation, trauma, surgery, starvation, poor quality food, etc. The harmful effects of free radicals involve many organs, but the fastest are - the heart and vascular system. It causes cholesterol concentration, reduced elasticity of blood vessels, high blood pressure, ischemia, and as a result may lead to heart attack. Next are the skin, eyes, immune system and connective tissues.

Sea Buckthorn and Its Developing History

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Antioxidants are the most powerful opponents of cellular free radicals destruction, but sea buckthorn is one of the strongest known antioxidants because of its high content of natural antioxidants - vitamins C, E, A, beta-carotene, selenium, polyphenols - flavonoids, etc.! 

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