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Pharmacological Action and Application of Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil

Oct. 20, 2020

Compared with Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, the nutritional composition of sea buckthorn fruit oil makes sea buckthorn fruit oil an ideal nutrition and health product and clinical application medicine. After a lot of practice, the product has three functions of nutrition, health care, and treatment. It is in the cardiovascular system and digestion. System and beauty have significant effects, which can improve and treat related diseases of various systems.

(1) Cardiovascular system

1, Can significantly reduce blood lipids. The unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E and flavonoids in sea buckthorn fruit oil can reduce blood viscosity, significantly reduce LDL and VLDL, and increase HDL. It can also be used for hyperlipid-induced atherosclerosis , Hypertension and other related diseases have a definite improvement effect, without the side effects of other blood lipid-lowering drugs.

2, Improve coronary heart disease, angina pectoris, the flavonoids and lecithin in sea buckthorn fruit oil enhance the function of the heart, which fundamentally eliminates the cause and improves the disease.  

(2) The immune system

It has obvious effects on regulating the immune function of the human body, can improve the body's immunity, promote hematopoietic function, and prevent and treat diseases caused by low immunity. The β-carotene in sea buckthorn fruit oil, VE itself has anti-cancer activity. It is clinically proven to be used for cancer patients. The comprehensive nutritional elements of sea buckthorn fruit oil can be applied to people with weakened immunity and sickness caused by nutritional imbalance; in addition, sea buckthorn fruit oil has a significant effect on eliminating free radicals, anti-oxidation and delaying aging, and then It can reduce various diseases caused by aging. As we all know, VE has a significant effect in this aspect, and sea buckthorn fruit oil is better than vitamin E. Sea buckthorn fruit oil is a multi-element compound composed of VE, flavonoids, and trace elements. , In the anti-aging effect, complement each other and play a synergistic effect.

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil


(3) Digestive system

Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil is also effective in anti-inflammatory and anti-ulcer. It is suitable for patients with gastritis and gastric ulcer caused by various reasons. Its mechanism of action is that sea buckthorn fruit oil forms an effective protective film on the damaged mucosa to resist the outside world. Attack factors, such as gastric acid and bacteria. The unsaturated fatty acids and VE substances in sea buckthorn fruit oil provide nutrients for the repair of mucous membranes, thereby promoting the repair of local lesions.


(4) Other aspects

Sea buckthorn fruit oil can also be used in the field of beauty. The sea buckthorn fruit oil is decolorized and made into cream cosmetics, and applied to the skin to promote the circulation of facial capillaries. The antioxidant function of sea buckthorn fruit oil can effectively remove facial color. Spots and wrinkles can moisturize, whiten, remove spots, and remove wrinkles.

In addition, sea buckthorn fruit oil has a certain anti-radiation effect and the effect of preventing scald and frostbite. The sea buckthorn fruit oil produced by Inner Mongolia Yuhangren Company, the largest comprehensive utilization company of sea buckthorn in China, has passed the organic certification of the United States, the European Union and Japan. It can be widely used in medicine, functional food and other fields.

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