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Reasons to Fall in Love With Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder

Mar. 04, 2021

Here is the advantages of sea buckthorn fruit powder that the Sea Buckthorn Fruit Powder Suppliers share with you. I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

Reason 1: The whole world is crazy about it

How hot sea buckthorn is in the world may not be understood by you before. Seabuckthorn is called "longevity fruit" in Japan, "second ginseng" in Russia, "energy of life" in the United States, "sacred fruit" in India, and "sacred fruit" in China. Maybe you pay very little attention to it, but it is a food that can make the world crazy, with an annual demand of 4,000 tons and it is exported overseas.

Sea Buckthorn Powder

Sea Buckthorn Powder

Reason 2: Recognized as the King of Vitamin C

We all know that grapes and kiwis that we usually eat contain a lot of vitamin C. However, the vitamin C content of sea buckthorn is five times that of kiwi, which is known as the "King of Fruits"! 200 times that of grapes! In addition, sea buckthorn is also recognized as a "natural vitamin treasure house", containing 14 kinds of vitamins far exceeding other fruits. In addition to rich vitamin C, the content of vitamins A, E, and B is also high, which is good for improving eyesight, preventing hair loss, anti-aging skin, and metabolism.

Reason 3: Eatable whitening essence

The SOD content of Sea Buckthorn Powder is 6 times that of ginseng. SOD is an anti-oxidant and anti-aging enzyme. Its sterols are 5 times that of velvet antler. It is widely used in medicine to reduce cholesterol in the body, repair tissues, and inhibit tumor growth. It has proven biologically active ingredients as high as 428 species, while the active ingredients of Cordyceps that you are familiar with are 120 species, aloe vera has 186 species, and pine pollen has 218 species.

In addition, sea buckthorn also contains 8 essential amino acids, linoleic acid and linolenic acid that can regulate blood lipids, flavonoids that can sweep free radicals, sterols that can maintain vascular toughness, and a variety of organic acids that can enhance immunity. Wait, it beats other fruits.

Reason 4: Pure natural tonic holy product

Seabuckthorn may be the most adaptable fruit on the planet. It has survived for more than 200 million years. In ancient Greece, some people discovered the super high nutritional value and medicinal value of sea buckthorn, and gave it a name-"Glittering Tree".

In addition, Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil can also regulate the intestines and stomach, can directly replenish gastric mucus, kill harmful bacteria, and replenish beneficial bacteria; threonine can prevent cholesterol accumulation, proanthocyanidins, etc. can improve liver detoxification ability, linoleic acid and flavonoids can also Avoid liver cirrhosis; seabuckthorn flavonoids can emulsify blood waste, prevent atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebral thrombosis and other diseases.

Reason 5: Suitable for all ages, regardless of gender, enjoy delicious food

Sea-buckthorn fruit powder is not suitable for men and women, it is nourishing and delicious at the same time. It is made from whole fruit powder, has high nutritional activity, neutralizes the sourness of sea buckthorn, and the flavor is more acceptable. If you drink it after refrigerating, it will become a refreshing "polar cool drink"! For people who often stay up late, eat fast food, smoke and drink alcohol, drinking sea buckthorn fruit powder can improve the body's metabolism and improve immunity; for people who often feel tired, drinking a packet of sea buckthorn fruit powder can relieve fatigue. Take 1-2 packs of sea-buckthorn fruit powder a day, with a good work and rest, and soon you will find that your sleep will be better, your skin will gradually become smoother, your complexion will become more and more rosy, and your whole person's condition will be much better.

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