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OEM and ODM Hard Capsules Service


At the end of 2013, the company applied for export food registration certificate and successively filed hundreds of products.

Dozens of  HARD CAPSULES are produced and  exported directly  to  Europe, USA, Africa, Canada, Pakistan, Israel, Asia and so on our company provides high-quality services from proofing, production to inspection. 

Processing cooperation

Fully automatic high-efficiency capsule production line, capable of manufacturing various types of capsules, such as plant capsules, gelatin capsules, 0# capsules, and 1# capsules. Hard capsules with contents of 250-500mg can be produced.Various capsule shell colors can be customized according to customer requirements. Multiple packaging production lines can be customized for bottles and bags. Packaging, duralumin, aluminum-plastic, etc.

Processing cooperation

1. The customer brings their own brand and provides a packaging material bucket, and the rest is provided by us (such as formula, product processing, etc.

2. The customer brings their own brand, packaging materials and product formulas, we provide materials and product processing

3. We provide one-stop service for customers from registered brands to product processing

4. We directly sell high-quality product formulas and charge processing fees for each production

5. Other methods can be negotiated.

Regardless of the cooperation method used by customers, we can provide comprehensive services and do our best to create a successful brand for customers.

  • GMP Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
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