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OEM and ODM Softgel Capsules Service


At the end of 2013, the company applied for export food registration certificate and successively filed hundreds of products.

Dozens of soft gel capsules are produced and exported directly to Europe, USA, Africa, Canada, Pakistan, Israel, Asia and so on. our company provides high-quality services from proofing, production to inspection. Our production and services must reach your satisfaction.

Soft GelPropolis soft gel, co Q10 soft gel,grape seed oil soft gel, Calcium soft gel, DHA algae oil soft gel, Fish oil soft gel, natural vitamin E soft gel, Aloe Soft gel, Aloe Soft Capsule, Ammonia sugar soft capsule, Three in one fish oil soft gel, Soybean phospholipid soft capsule, vitamin K2 soft gel, vitamin D3 soft gel, cod liver oil soft gel, lycopene soft gel, oligochitosan soft gel, Aloe Soft Capsule, inc and iron supplement soft gel, Sleep improving soft capsule
  • GMP Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
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