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We offer a wide range of different Plant Extract Powder for your individual requirements.

Our extensive product range of Plant Extract Powder represent the concentrated energy of nature from all parts of the world. Along with the highest flexibility. You can apply our natural Plant Extract Powder to various industry sectors:Food industry,Food supplements industry,Feed industry,

Leaves, flowers, roots: almost all parts of many plants can be processed as useful raw materials for dietary supplements. To be consumed conveniently either in extract or powder form – and can, for example:contribute to relaxation and vitalizationsupport weight control.

What is Plant Extract Powder?

Plant Extract Powder is raw (crude or prepared) plants that are ground or pulverized into a powder. They may be single plant products or formulas (combinations of plants). They are not extracted or cooked.

What is an extract?

An extract is a liquid mixture obtained from adding a raw material to a solvent such as ethanol or water. In plant extracts, the raw materials are raw (crude or prepared) plants. It is not absolutely necessary to cook or heat the solvent to obtain the extraction, although it is common to do so. Extracts may be sold as liquid extracts (e.g. decoctions) or as tinctures (usually containing a large amount of alcohol.) They may also be sold in powder form and these are commonly called extract powders or granules. That is, powders and granules are simply dried decoctions. Some manufacturers use other solvents such as hexane, chloroform, ether, acetone, or other organic chemical solvents to extract chemical ingredients that are less soluble in water or ethanol or to improve the concentration of a specific marker chemical in order to enhance the ingredient profile of the extract. Often this is done for marketing rather than therapeutic purposes . 

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