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Instant Green Tea Powder

Instant green tea powder is made of the superior organic tea leaves of Yunnan DIANXI, using advanced low-temperature countercurrent extraction, rapid and efficient concentration technology, and well preserves the original color and flavor of the tea. It is the best choice for pure tea beverages or low-sugar beverages. This type of tea powder is characterized by fresh and thick aroma and mellow taste, and is natural and health-benefiting.


Application range

Instant green tea powder products are rich in polyphenols, they are prepared by different post-treatment processes.The powders are divided into cold soluble green tea powder, carbonated ice green tea powder. They have great potential in manufacturing tea drinks, carbonated drinks, milk tea and other related products.

Physical and chemical properties

Tea polyphenols≥25.0%
Arsenic (as As)≤1.0mg/kg
Lead (calculated as Pb)≤2.0mg/kg

Hygiene standard

Items Standard
Total number of colonies≤1000 CFU/g
Mold count≤50 CFU/g
Coliform bacteria≤40 MPN/100g(GB 4789.3-2003)
Pathogenic bacteriashall not be detected

Specifications, shelf life, storage method

Specification: 10kg/bag*2/box, with aluminum-plastic bag inside, corrugated box outside.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Storage method: Store in a cool, dry and dark place, and keep in a sealed place.

  • GMP Certificate
  • GMP Certificate
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