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Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil Powder

Sea buckthorn, known as “holy fruit” in Tibet, is found in centuries-old medicinal texts in Tibet and China. It was used there to treat coughing, digestive problems, skin issues, wounds and burns.


Hippophae fructus is a dry and ripe fruit of the Hippophae rhamnoides L., which is warm in nature, sour and astringent; returns to the spleen, stomach, lungs, heart channel; has spleen elimination, cough and expectorant, blood circulation Sanyu and other effects. 

Sea buckthorn fruit oil

Seabuckthorn fruit oil is known as the super noble of nutritional oils, Because the content of natural vitamin E,  palmitic acid ,palmitoleic acid ,carotene, carotenoids, linoleic acid, linolenic acid and other active components far exceed common nutritional oils. The synergistic effect the these bioactive components is beneficial for people .so,Seabuckthorn fruit  oil is made into the seabuckthorn fruit oil capsules.

seabuckthorn fruit oil capsules as health care products ,dietary supplements ,functional goods are well known by the domestic people .Natural green seabuckthorn fruit oil capsules ,no side effects.the quality of the products is trustworthy.

Seabuckthorn fruit oil is the oil contained in sea buckthorn fruit, which is rich in vitamin E, carotenoids and unsaturated fatty acids. It has the health effects of regulating immunity, protecting cardiovascular system and assisting digestion. 

Sea buckthorn fruit oil powder is the main raw material of sea buckthorn fruit oil, yellow to orange red oil powder obtained by microcapsule embedding technology, which has the unique aroma of sea buckthorn fruit.


Application range

1. Seabuckthorn fruit oil powder can be used as raw materials for ordinary food, functional health nutrition and Chinese patent medicine.

2. Perfect for smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, desserts, baking, and salads.


1.cardiovascular system:Reduce lipid;reduce viscosity;reduce LDL,VLD;promote HDL;improve atherosclerosis ;reduce cholesterol;reduce glucose,regulate blood pressure.

Anti myocardial ischemia and hypoxia;anti-arrhythmia;improve cardiomyocyte function ,anti-thrombosis;improve heart disease and angina pectoris.

2.Immune system:  regulate human immune function, improve body immunity.

3.Digestive system: forms an effective protective film at the damaged mucosa to resist external attack factors,provide nutrition for the repair of mucosa, and then promote the repair of local lesions.

4.Anti-aging:eliminating free radicals, anti-oxidation and delaying aging, wrinkle removal,freckle removal and so on.

5.Other aspects:liver protection,burning,scalding,frostbite,constipation,radiation resist and so on.


Physical and chemical indicators

Surface oil≤3.0%
Bulk density0.4-0.6 g/ml
Particle size (passing through 80 mesh )standard sieve)≥90.0%
Acid value≤15.0mgKOH/g
Peroxide value≤0.25 g/100g
Arsenic (as As)≤0.1mg/kg
Lead (as Pb)≤0.1mg/kg

Hygiene standard


Total number of colonies/(CFU/g)52100010000
Coliform bacteria/(CFU/g)5210100


Function :

1) Restrain the development of tumor.

2) Anti-aging

3) Regulate blood lipid, prevent heart and brain vascular disease.

4) Resist radiation, protect skin.



a) Main Ingredients Vitamin E; Carotenoides and so on .

b)raw material : Seabuckthorn fruit oil

c)0.5g/capsule or customization  

Applied people  and Usage

1. People with cardiovascular diseases.

2. People with digestive system, especially gastroenteritis and ulcer diseases.

3. Enhance immune function and anti-tumor. suffering from chemical-driven liver damage.

4. Those who need anti -aging, beauty freckle removal, wrinkle removal and acne removal.

5. Skin injury. (burn, scald, frostbite)


Specifications, shelf life, storage method

Specification: (5kg/bag*2)/carton, internal aluminum-plastic bag, external corrugated paper box.

Shelf life: 24 months.

Storage method: Store at room temperature, dry, ventilated and dark place, please use as soon as possible after opening the bag.

Precautions:This product cannot replace medicine,

How to use it

Take 3 capsules every morning and evening respectively on empty stomach 

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Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil Powder

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