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Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Soft Capsule

Raw material: Sea buckthorn seed oil

Ingredients: Vitamin E; Linoleic acid; Linolenic acid; Oleic acid

Specifications: 650mg per softgel


Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.) seed oil is known as the“gold oil”, Because it contains a variety of the biological active ingredients such as natural vitamin E ,oleic acid ,linoleic acid ,linolenic acid ,amino acid ,organic acid , levo vitamin c and other nutritional ingredients. The synergistic effect the these bioactive components is beneficial for people .usually ,Seabuckthorn  seed oil is make into the seabuckthorn seed oil capculse.Seabuckthorn seed oil capsules, as health care products,dietary supplements,functional goods are well known by the domestic people ! Natural green seabuckthorn seed oil capsules , no side effects.the quality of the products is trustworthy .

Sea buckthorn seed oil is orange to orange red oily liquid, it is made from the high quality seabuckthorn seed.It is processed by advanced supercritical extraction technology.It has inherent smell and taste of seabuckthorn seed. Seabuckthorn seed oil is rich in more than 140 biological active ingredients and multi-nutritional substances. Which make it an ideal nutrition ,dietary supplements ,functional goods, and clinical medicine.



Sea buckthorn seed oil is composed of oleic acid ,linoleic acid ,linolenic acid ,palmitic acid,palmitoleic aice ,vitamin E,total of flavonoids of seabuckthorn carotene,carotenoids,organic acids,amino acid.alkaloids,tocopherol,sterols.,procyanidin,a variety of vitamins ,trace elements and so on .

Most of these active substances are indispensable for the composition of human cells and the maintenance of life activities, and participate in all links of life activities. It can be seen that the nutritional components of seabuckthorn seed oil  are comprehensive and incomparable with other oils.


Clinically proven by modern medicine:

1.cardiovascular, cerebrovascular system

Bioactive components of the seabuckthorn seed oil such as Total flavonoids ,unsaturated fatty acid , procyanidins and other effective ingredients can reduce blood pressure, reduce blood lipid, reduce blood viscosity, inhibit excessive aggregation of the platelet ,soften blood vessels, improve blood circulation, prevent atherosclerosis, improve cerebral blood supply and oxygen supply, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, enhance cardiac function and promote healthy circulation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular system.

2.regulate the immune system.

The bioactive components in seabuckthorn seed oil.such as total flavonoids,procyanidins ,amino acid ,carotene , have varying degree of regulatory ability to the polycyclic segments of the immune system .have obvious regulatory effects on humoral immunity and cellular immunity .can effectively resist allergy and disease invasion.

3.Anti cancer

The bioactive components in seabuckthorn seed oil .such as procyanidins ,quassin,coumarin and serotonin have obvious anti-cancer activity and anti-tumor effect .it not only can inhibit cancer cells in human body.but also block the carcinogenic factors. It can improve the autoimmune function . enhance  the resistance  to the cancer. Reduce the toxic effect of radiotherapy and chemotheapy.

4.Respiratory effects.

The flavonoids ,procyanidins in seabukcthorn seed oil have  the anti-inflammatory effect. And they can promote capillary blood circulation .so it plays roll in the pharyngitis ,bronchitis ,sore throat,asthma,cough ,phlegm.

5.Protect liver:

Organic acids such as malic acid and oxalic acid contained in Seabuckthorn seed oil can alleviate the toxicity of antibiotics and other drugs .it can effectively protect the liver Lecithin and other phospholipid compounds in Seabuckthorn seed oil  are components with high biological activity, which can promote cell metabolism, improve liver function, anti fatty liver and anti liver cirrhosis.

6.promote digestion

Seabuckthorn seed oil contains a variety of amino acid,organic acid ,other nutrients as well as phenolic compounds.it can promote the biosynthesis of gastric acid and stimulate the secretion of gastric juice. Therefore, seabuckthorn seed oil  has the functions of resolving food stagnation, strengthening spleen and stomach, soothing liver and regulating qi.f It has a good effect on the indigestion,abdominal distention,gastric and duodenal ulcer,enteritis, chronic constipation and so on.


The total Flavonoids of seabuckthorn seed oil  can directly capture the superoxide free radicals and hydroxyl free radicals.VE and VC ,SOD of  the seabuckthorn seed oil can resist oxidation and eliminate free radicals on cell membrane and  effectively delay aging

8.Whitening skin

The seabuckthorn is known as the"king of the VC ",the VC content of seabuckthorn seed oil  ranks first in all fruits and vegetables .VC is a natural whitening agent in vivo,it can reduce the deposition of the melanin,so effectively whiten the skin.

9.Slimming and inhibiting obesity

The flavonoids in seabukcthorn seed oil can clear the fat ,and control fat synthesis in the process of fat metabolism.it can effectively lose weight.

10. Strengthen brain and intelligence and promote children’s growth and development.

Seabuckthorn seed oil contains a variety of amino acid,vitamins,trace elements and unsaturated fatty acid (DHA ) which can promote children intellectual development and  physical growth.


Specifications, shelf life, storage method:

Specifications: 16kg/bucket, packaged with corrugated cardboard boxes outside.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Storage method: Keep in a cool, dry, ventilated, and light-proof warehouse, the floor should be lined with backing board, which should be 10 cm above the floor. Open-air stack should be avoided. Mix-storage with toxic articles or those with off-flavor should be prohibited. 

Precautions:This product cannot replace medicine.

How to use it

Take 3 capsules every morning and evening respectively on empty stomach 


1.Pure natural

Seabuckthorn seed oil extracted from the seabuckthorn seeds which is 100% pure &natural. The activity of Vitamin E contained in the oil is 100 times stronger than the synthesized. (Natural Vitamin E contains 4 kinds of tocopherols:α,β,γ,δ, however, synthesized vitamin E contains α-tocopherol only, while the anti-oxidation function of δ-tocopherol is 100 times stronger than α-tocopherol).

2.High concentration

1 ton of seabuckthorn seeds comes from 20 tons of seabuckthorn berries; 1 ton of seabuckthorn seed oil comes from 20 tons of seabuckthorn seeds which means 250ml of seabuckthorn seed oil is the result of concentration from 100kgs of seabuckthorn berries.

3.High technology

The production process of seabuckthorn seed oil adopts the world top-class SCF(supercritical carbon dioxide fluid extraction) technology. This “green” and environmental protection separation technology is a pure physical process with following advantages:

a) Colorless, insipid, toxic-free, safe.

b) High extraction rate, high purity.

c) Low extraction temperature, fully reserve bioactive substances.


Applied people of the seabuckthorn seed oil capsule

1. People with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular  diseases.

2. People with hypertention ,hyperlipidemia,hyperglycemia.

3.People with digestive system,gastroenteritis,indigestion,abdominal distention,gastritis,gastic and duodenal ulcer,chronic constipation and so on.

4.people with the respiratory system.especially cough ,asthma,phlegm,pharyngitis,bronchitis,sore throat.

5. people with the low immunity.

6.people suffering cancer and tumor.

7.people with the liver disease .such as fatty liver, liver sirrhosis,liver cancer.

8.Those who need anti -aging, beauty ,whiten skin.

Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil Soft Capsule

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