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Vitamin C Chewable Tablet

Chewable tablets are a convenient alternative to traditional tablets. Their biggest advantage is that they do not need water when they are eaten, which means they can be eaten anytime, anywhere.


► Easy to eat

► Very good taste and rich taste

► Easy to store

► High stability 

[Efficient Content] 500mg/1000mg Vc or Customize

[Taste] Peach, Lemon, Orange, Blueberry, Apple, Strawberry, customize

[Appearance] According to customer requirements

[Dosage form] Tablet

[Main Ingredients] Vitamin C

[Function] Whitening skin care, anti-aging, improve immunity

[Package] Bulk, bottle, board, bag, custom packaging.

1) We can provide various kinds of chewable tablets, Chewable Vitamin C + Zinc

Vitamin B chewable tablets

Calcium + Vitamin D chewable tablets

Calcium & Iron & Zinc Chewable Tablet

2) We can also manufacture vitamin C chewable Tablet, and other supplements according to your requirements.

3) We can provide OEM service for vitamin C chewable Tablet products, and we can design your own label.

4) We can manufacture products according to your formula exactly and we can provide testing report.

5) We can make tablets into any flavor you want, like orange, lemon, mango, and many others.

6) We can provide free samples if you have any interest in our products.

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